I’m happy to announce that the fourth book in the Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Series is now available on Amazon!

Here’s the blurb for Book 4:

Craziness ensues in the kitchen of the Splendor of the Seas when a last-minute wedding falls on the laps of Ruth Shores and Loretta Moran. Having never prepared for a wedding on the ship before, Ruth feels like a fish out of water.

Not only that, but a video review of the cruise ship has gone viral, and it’s not good. As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, Ruth and Loretta stumble upon another body—a frozen one!

With a wedding coordinator on her tail, Officer Humphrey’s fury, and a bride who is a prime suspect, Ruth can’t seem to catch a break. It isn’t until Bertie—an overzealous, crazy old biddy, who appears to have a wild fascination with guns—interjects at every turn, making matters even worse.

Will Ruth unmask the killer before the bride and groom say I do? Or will another life be taken at the altar, adding to the ship’s bad publicity?

Bouquets, chardonnay, and hilarity are just some of the elements in this exciting cruise ship wedding mystery.

Killer Bouquets & Chardonnay is the fourth book in this nutty, quirky Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Series. So, get nestled in a comfortable chair, pour your favorite beverage, and get ready for an exciting Bahamas escapade aboard the Splendor of the Seas!

Grab your copy today!

Ebook Edition Available on:

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Paperback Edition Available on:

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