I’m very excited to announce that the sixth book of the Whodunit Pet Cozy Mystery Series is now available!

Heres the blurb:

Sarah is ready to break out on her own when she learns about a beach house for sale. Despite the warnings and rumors that the old house is haunted, Sarah is offered a deal she can’t resist. But something isn’t quite right about the place, and she can’t put her finger on it. That is until she stumbles upon something dark and sinister: a body.

Before long, Sarah’s new home quickly becomes an active crime scene. Worse yet, it’s leaked that millions of dollars of treasure could be buried on the beaches of Cascade Cove, and the entire town goes into an upheaval. As chaos ensues all around her, Sarah digs up even more dark history about Florida and their small, beloved town through the old journals and relics discovered in her new home.

Pirates, Secrets, and Hidden Treasure.

Will Sarah be able to decipher the messages left by the deceased before another life is ended? Or will she be haunted forever by the ghosts of the past?

Ebook Edition Available on:

Amazon (US)
Amazon (UK)

Paperback Edition Available on:

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